Per Image Palette Descriptor


This feature is for completely tweak and compatibility purpose between versions.

The intention for this feature is:

bulletEnsure expected images have expected palette information through image modification.
bulletEnsure expected images maintain correct color key information.

Minimal affect able unit is represented as Descriptor.

Each Descriptor has next info (It is from what source code means):

bulletA set of entry name.
It is to decide whether each Descriptor should affect on a certain image.
bulletPalette representation state.
One of No, Scene, ColorPal, If.
bulletNo: Descriptor doesn't force any palette.
bulletScene: The image is present at specific scene, for example image should be displayed at only "Stone corridor" scene.
bulletColorPal: For splash screen of Sega version. 16 colors, RGB palette.
bulletIf: Interface window palette. The image should be at inventory window or it is a portrait item image rendered with interface window palette.
bulletColor keys.
You can force 1 or 2 color key(s) or unspecified.
bulletScene #.
A scene # or unspecified.
bulletIf scene dependant.
For "Dungeon Graphics" and "Skullkeep and Weather".
Their subclass # just represent the scene #.
bulletColor Palette Entry.
Raw palette entry for "ColorPal" of "Palette representation state".
It is for Sega version.

Where are Descriptors?

See the "DM2PerImgPalDesc.csv".

From excel worksheet (contents from developing version).

How to write one

Each line in CSV represents a Descriptor.

At least 3 columns are required. At most 16 columns are accepted.

See also Appendix: Class/Sub class/Entry class for terms meaning.

Column 1

It represents a class.

See Appendix: Classes for known classes.

See Appendix: Format of Bit Switching Domain for acceptable format.

Column 2

It represents a subclass.

See Appendix: Format of Bit Switching Domain for acceptable format.

Column 3

It represents a entry class.

See Appendix: Format of Bit Switching Domain for acceptable format.

Column 4 and later

Some tweak options exist.

All keys are optional. You can specify some or omit all them.

Format Example Meaning
S:scene_number S:3 Assoc image is should be treated that it is at Scene # scene_number.
COLOR_KEY:color_key COLOR_KEY:10 Assoc image has color key for transparent.
Its color number is color_key.
COLOR_KEY2:color_key2 COLOR_KEY2:9 Almost same as above
INTERFACE_PALETTE   If you select, assoc image will have a palette used at inventory window.
COLOR_PALETTE:entry COLOR_PALETTE:$050009010400 Assoc image has RGB palette with 16 colors.
Palette is at raw data entry entry.
For splash screen on Sega version.
S_DEPEND   If you select, assoc image will be subjected on the scene at subclass of the image.
Use for Dungeon Graphics" and "Skullkeep and Weather.

Appendix: Format of Bit Switching Domain

Next table shows what format will be accept able to select class/subclass.

Input Selection
$12 One class "$12"
$12;$34 Two classes "$12" and "$34"
$xx All classes
$12-$34 Classes from "$12" to "$34"
$34-$12 Nothing occurs
$12;$34-$56 One class "$12" and classes from "$34" to "$56"