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This site is built by a Dungeon Master fan.
Mainly to supply technical information for tool developers of Dungeon Master.

Dungeon Master is a realtime action game developed by FTL.

Are you interested in Dungeon Master?

Visit The Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back Encyclopaedia for information / readings / screenshots / captures / etc.

Also visit Cowsmanaut's Dungeon Master Forums.
A wide community to talk about original Dungeon Master series. Dungeon Master inspired games, what is called "Clone", are also target of discussion.

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2002-11-17: Published
2002-12-25: -
2002-12-26: -
2003-02-14: -
2003-02-15: -
2003-03-25: Update
2003-04-20: -
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2003-09-07: Site Removal notification
New site location: http://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/danmasu/
2003-09-12: -
2003-12-18: Underconstruction Inprogress
2003-12-30: Site updated. Added Level def. and Actu.
2003-12-31: Actu updated.
2004-01-01: Actu updated. A happy new year?
2004-02-08: "Floor, Wall and Shared ornate indices" added in "Level definitions"
2004-02-12: "DM2 Actuators" updated.
2004-02-14: "DM2 Actuators" updated.
2004-02-20: "DM2 PC on bochs" added.
2004-02-21: "DM2 PC on DOSBox 0.61" added.
2004-02-29: "Actuators 2nd" added.
2004-03-20: "DSP2" added.
2004-04-01: "DM2GDED" updated.
2004-04-04: "Actuator 3rd" added.
"D-Unification Proj." added.
2004-04-15: "DSP2 Effective" added.
2004-04-18: "Actuator 3rd" updated.
2004-04-24: "Actuator 3rd" updated.
2004-07-04: "DSP2 Effective" updated.
2004-07-04: "DM1GDED" added.
2004-07-13: Minor updated.
2004-08-14: Updated.
2005-01-05: ObjDMv1 added.
2005-01-06: ObjDMv1 updated.
ObjDMv1 published at DM Encyclopaedia.
2005-01-09: updated.
2005-02-12: "DM inspited clone: Dungeon Maker" added.
2005-02-19: "DM inspited clone: Dungeon Maker" updated.
2005-02-20: "DM clone: CSBwin" added.
2005-02-23: "DM clone: CSBwin" updates.
2005-03-04: "DSA Reference" updated.
2005-03-23: "DM clone: CSBwin", "DSA Reference" updated.
2005-05-05: "DM on SNES" added.
2005-05-20: "Sample step1" in "DM clone: CSBwin" added.
2005-05-27: "Well-known DSA examples" in "DM clone: CSBwin" added.
2005-07-10: "zisazsnes" added.
2005-07-17: "zisazsnes" updated.
2005-09-04: "CSB_CustomWallSet" added.
2005-09-23: "SNES spec by zsnes" added.
2005-09-28: "ObjDMv1" updated.
2005-10-09: "ObjDMv2" added.
2005-10-13: "ObjDMv2" updated.
2005-10-23: Wrote easy overview for older tools: "Exp00069", "DM2E", "DM2sDC", "DM2AE", "DM2LowLevelGDATMaker", "DM2CompressPic", "DM2TEXTe", "SkMkCD", "TDMPache" added.

Written while dealing with ObjDMv2: "DM2 image format" added.

"ObjDMv2" updated.

2005-11-06: "ObjDMv2" updated.
2006-01-04: a happy new year!!
"CGEide" added.
2006-03-23: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" added.
2006-03-25: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2006-04-15: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2006-04-17: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2006-05-03: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated. A funny conversion complete date predictor added.
2006-05-20: "DSA Reference" updated.
2006-05-21: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2006-07-07: A page access analyzer founded. I wanna know who is interested or visits this site. It'll be closed info due to infoseek access analyzer tool's rule. However I may quietly publish it in the future : )
"DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2006-07-17: "DM2 Actuators" updated. inserted the spec of distinctive item type.
2006-09-03: DMDC2 rev2 has published at DM Encyclopedia!
2006-09-04: "DM2 image format" updated.
2006-11-05: A page access analyzer removed. About 4 months has passed since placement.
Via access log added of my comment.
2006-12-21: Corrected some disconnected links.
2007-01-03: A happy new year!
"DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2007-02-03: "zisazsnes" updated.
2007-02-20: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2007-05-24: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" Rev.5 has published at DM.com!
2007-07-23: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" Rev.7 has published at DM.com!
2007-07-26: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2007-08-10: "DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.
2007-10-13: Google Analytics installed. It is an experimental trial to check site's usability.

Google Analytics uninstalled.
According to the Google Analytics's report, IMAO this site is so forlorn. According to Google Analytics


"DM2_SKSAVE_Converters" updated.

2008-05-19: "LSDOC" added.
2008-06-29: "ADGE devel on .Netfx" added.
2010-10-09: "DM2 Actuators" updated.
2010-10-23: Site'll move.
2010-11-01: Site transferred due to planned close of isweb (infoseek web) on Oct 31, 2010. However, mail address is still alive!
2010-11-02: "Analyze of DM2 PC" added.
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